eToro Copytrade Review

eToro CopyTrade RevieweToro CopyTrade

Was launched in June of 2011 as a new edition to their “eToro Openbook”.

By using the OpenBook platform you are able to socialize and communicate with fellow forex trading individuals and view exactly which positions they have taken and whether they were successful or not in their trades.

The eToro Copytrade platform is a simple addon that allows you to instantly copy and paste successful and unsuccessful trades other people have taken giving you the ideal solution for imitating and copying what successful traders are doing.

eToro CopyTrader

is the only solution available on the market for forex traders to copy what other successful traders are doing and is a fine edition for newcomers to forex trading and forex brokers, and is the perfect intelligence tool for the experienced forex trading individual.

eToro CopyTrade Platform

Is a web platform which “sits” on the openbook platform and adds a “Copy trade” button that enables you to instantly take successful trades by yourself, but you won’t have to manually adjust what you’ve done so far as the platform makes changes to your forex account automatically while populating a report about what has changed and which positions were taken for your benefit and to your choice.

Overall the eToro Copytrade platform is revolutionary but is also ground breaking. It is the latest edition to forex trading platforms and no one actually knows if that platform will become successful or not since we can assume that successful traders aren’t too happy about people blatantly copying what they are doing. But we may be wrong.

The best thing is to trial the platform by yourself by utilizing eToro’s demo platform.

You can open a practice account where you won’t risk any money. A great choice which is available in most regulated forex brokers.

To watch a video about the eToro CopyTrade platform, Please click here.

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